James Blessing

James Blessing serves as the Accounts Payable Specialist at MBP. Mr. Blessing is a graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder where he earned a degree in Finance. Having previously worked in risk management at Lakeside Bank in Chicago, Mr. Blessing works diligently to increase operational timeliness, effectiveness and efficiency here Catalyst.

Jennifer Navarrete

Jennifer Navarrete serves as the Regional Manager for MBP Capital. Ms. Navarrete joined MBP in July of 2012 with a passion to develop her knowledge pertaining to conventional, garden, mid-rise, high-rise and new construction communities.  A strong energetic base and a deep seeded desire to increase profits and customer satisfaction contributed to the numerous promotions Ms. Navarrete has received during her tenure with MBP. With other 8 years of experience, Ms. Navarrete is vital to all operations within MBP and perpetuates an effective and efficient working atmosphere through innovative management techniques.

Alex Buckner

Alex Buckner serves as the Director of Marketing for MBP.  Prior to joining MBP in 2013, Mr. Buckner spearheaded accounting and financial market research for the Denver Broncos and acquired invaluable marketing experience while working closely with a San Francisco based Venture Capital Firm.

Mr. Buckner has a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado with a focus in Sports Management from the Leeds School of Business.

Tim Burns

Timothy Burns serves as Controller at MBP. Mr. Burns joined MBP in 2011 and has been responsible for all aspects of financial reporting, annual budgeting and cash flow management. He has over 8 years of experience, with previous involvement in the analysis of investment opportunities, performance of due diligence and over site of onsite management.

Prior to joining MBP in 2011, Mr. Burns worked as a Senior Analyst at Formations, LLC where he researched and analyzed distressed commercial real estate investment opportunities in the Western United States.

Mr. Burns holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from the University of Colorado. He is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Colorado.

Sherry Johnson

Sherry Johnson serves as the Vice-President of Operations at MBP Capital. Ms. Johnson joined MBP in 2014 and has been responsible for all aspects of day-to-day operations including hiring and training staff, creating and implementing corporate policies, market studies, creating operating budgets, processing payroll and acquisition due diligence. She has over 14 years of experience and played a pivotal role in the development of our employee handbook.

Prior to joining MBP in 2014, Ms. Johnson worked as a Regional Property Manager for the following companies: Migneault Property Management, Bostonial Investment Group and Great Atlantic Property Management.

Cathy Finn

Cathy Finn serves as the Vice President for MBP. Prior to 2006, Ms. Finn was involved in financial services as well as multifamily property management. Partnering with a Senior Broker, Ms. Finn joined Wachovia Securities in 2000 to gain financial experience and expertise. During her tenure at Wachovia, Ms. Finn obtained her Series 7, 63 and Insurance License; allowing her the unique opportunity to provide services to clients invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and contracts. Ms. Finn continued to improve her skills by hosting and speaking at seminars for high net worth investors.

Ms. Finn has been a key principal in both the ownership and management of over 3,000 units with an estimated value over $150 million. During Ms. Finn’s career, she has been directly responsible for the property management of an estimated 15,000 units with an estimated asset value well over $1 billion.

Mike Phillips, CCIM, CPM

Mike Phillips, CCIM, CPM serves as the President of MBP. Prior to MBP’s inception in 2006, Mr. Phillips was involved in the possession and operation of multiple real estate ownership and management companies. Mr. Phillips passions have always resided in real estate, with his journey beginning at a young age in California. By the 1980’s, Mr. Phillips academic and practical education combined with tenured experienced led him to find success as a broker of countless multifamily properties within the commercial real estate sector.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Phillips focused heavily on the purchasing, renovating, and managing of multifamily properties in Austin, Texas. During this period, Mr. Phillips was involved in the acquisition and renovation of approximately 3,500 class C units. Upon disposition of this portfolio in Austin, Mr. Phillips exchanged into approximately 8,500 units in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. Specifically, he was responsible for all property management operations of both portfolios including over site of 150 onsite management and maintenance staff members.

In the late 1990s, Mr. Phillips ventured out on his own, starting several multifamily focused companies. It was during this period when he began capital calls and investing in many of his first “personal” acquisitions.  As of today, Mr. Phillips has been involved in the ownership of over 5,000 units, brokered over 260 multifamily transactions and has been directly responsible for the property management of over 30,000 units with an estimated asset value of over $1.8 billion.

Mr. Phillips is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and is a licensed real estate broker in Colorado and Texas. A native of Los Angeles, California, Mr. Phillips attended San Diego State University where he majored in Real Estate and Finance.