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MBP Capital, Inc. 

These are Properties We Own or Have Partnered In, We Have Invested Our Money In and/or Catalyst Multifamily Manages the Property

MBP and its Property Management Company, Catalyst Multifamily Management, are involved in the ownership and/or property management of the following portfolio of properties. In some cases, we are the Key Principal or one of the Key Principals.  In others, we have invested our own money into the deal - at various levels.  In all cases, Catalyst Multifamily manages these properties to the best of our ability and skill as if we owned them.  Catalyst makes NO distinction as it relates to our commitment to the property and our aggressive nature of pushing value - whether Catalyst is managing a property we have invested in or are just managing for a fee - our management team is the "catalyst" for taking a property to the next level.  

Catalyst - definitions - "a person or thing that causes change" ; "a substance which speeds a chemical reaction but itself remains unchanged"

Current Multifamily Properties

When MBP is involved in a property, we are laser focused on the success of that property.  Our team, from executive level to the onsite level, becomes emotionally attached to the property, the Project Plan and Goals, pushing value, the residents and their satisfaction with their home, and each owners overall return on their investment.  We take the trust put in us very seriously.  As a result, our properties typically have above average collections, occupancy, net income....We maximize the value of each of our properties.  We do this through our focus on that goal.  Our long term experiences have resulted in a culture that gets granular on the task at hand....  Always push value and maximize yield to our investors or the owners of the properties.   Not only does our team understand what it takes; we are actually willing to do it.   We plan, we execute, we get the job done.  No matter what.  If we can be the Catalyst in making that property a better place to live, increase rents and value, and accomplish the goals and hopes of our investors and clients, then we jump in head first and do whatever it takes to make sure we reach those goals.  
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Past Multifamily Properties

Any property that comes and goes through our system, always increases in value.  Our goal is to maximize value and overall yield to ourselves, to our clients and to our investors.  Typically, when we have gone after a deal or management contract, we look closely at where the property is and where we believe we can take it.  We look at the physical needs, the sub-market and its rents, the specific goals of our investment group or owner of the property, and only get involved if we are convinced that we can make a positive change.  Then, we execute the plan, aggressively and with purpose.  Our way is usually at a level of intensity that cannot be matched.  View our Past Properties to see some Case Studies, Before and After Photos, and a write up on what we have been able to accomplish in the past.
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