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Property Management

Through over 30 years of ownership, brokerage, and property management of B & C Class multifamily properties in Texas and Colorado, Catalyst Multifamily has grown distinct competitive advantages over other third party property management companies.

Some of these advantages are:

  • Experience: 30+ years, over 25,000 units managed & over 250 multifamily transactions brokered. Our principals have personally been involved in the ownership of over 5,000 units.  We operate every property as if we own it and as if our lives depend on each property’s success.

  • Technology: With the implementation of the OneSite property management system designed by RealPage, Catalyst Multifamily is able to provide institutional type technological advances, amenities, and conveniences to our residents, our staff, our investors and our owner clients.

  • Standardization: We believe that having proven systems and keeping them standardized on all platforms is the most efficient method to run the properties we manage. Catalyst Multifamily has created a 157-page standard operating procedures manual in which we use to handle every aspect of the management of our properties.

  • Staff to Unit Ratio: Many of our competitors have lesser oversight of their management portfolio simply because they have too many units spread out amongst the people in their organization. Much like a teacher to student ratio in the classroom, Catalyst Multifamily keeps a well-managed portfolio due to the ratio between units managed and our staff. We do not bite off more than we can chew.

  • Transparency: Our Company is fully cognizant of the fact that the properties in which we manage are typically the largest and most important asset our investors and owners have. It is essential that our clients are always well informed and kept up to date on the operations of their properties and it's the financial strength. Our owners have real time access to all operations and accounting information at all times.

  • Employee Motivation: We have a strong belief that if you properly incentivize your management staff, they will perform at a higher level and make the property a more profitable one. We have designed a compensation structure for our managers based on the performance of the property. This keeps everyone's goals focused on the NOI of the property. This, in turn, allows us to focus on maximizing value and cash flow.

  • Line Item Awareness: The principals and staff of Catalyst Multifamily have a significant background in financial analysis and multifamily management operations. From reducing your property tax exposure to utility cost evaluation & reduction, Catalyst Multifamily is committed to improving NOI beyond keeping occupancy & resident retention high.

  • A Passion for Management: At Catalyst Multifamily Management, we approach every property we manage as if it were our own. We are personally invested in the success of our Client's investments and the exponential effect that has on our shared growth.


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