MBP Capital, Inc.

Our Founders

Meet our Founders

Mike Phillips, President and CEO, and Cathy Finn, Vice-president and COO, met in 2002 through a mutual friend.  They quickly became close friends.  Over the next several years, Mike and Cathy realized that they should join forces and they co-founded MBP Capital, Inc. in December 2006.  Mike and Cathy identified that they had good working chemistry and similar goals in business.  Their personalities and business expertise complemented each other well. 

Mike brought his real estate deal making expertise and long term multifamily real estate experience to the table while Cathy brought her strong business and team building expertise.  Both have incredibly focused and intense personality types and they are known for setting their sites on a goal, creating a plan and strategy, and aggressively executing on the plan.  They believe that there is nothing that they cannot accomplish, together and with the right people by their side. 

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