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Property / Investment Goals

MBP Capital, Inc. has had good success over the years.  Each deal that we are involved in, we focus heavy time and effort with several goals in mind. 

1. Physical Asset Improvements and Renovations

MBP plans out and executes various degrees of physical property improvements including curing deferred maintenance, full exterior and interior renovations.  From roofs to parking lots and everything in between gets our attention.  Our renovation plans cure all deferred maintenance issues. We add and/or improve to the property amenities (dog parks, playgrounds, splash pads, renovated leasing centers, etc.), fully renovate and/or upgrade the interiors (new appliances, new flooring, upgraded or new cabinetry, new hardware and fixtures, etc.), and improve the overall appeal of the property.  

2. Increase Income

Due to the above Asset Improvements and our Property Management expertise, we push income to the highest level possible. We aggressively increase rents to market as well as focus heavily on billing back utilities to maximize income.  In addition, we implement multiple Other Income items such as Cable Company contracts and boost Laundry Income / Contracts. 

3. Reduce Expenses

MBP is an efficient operator and we have found many ways to reduce expenses including property taxes, trash removal, payroll, utility expenses and focus on each line item in detail.  We implement water conservation plans as well as search for the very best electric rates available.  Due to our volume, we have a Master Insurance Plan that allows us to beat just about any insurance rates that are currently in place.  

4. Resulting massive increase in value and cash flow

Our property physical asset and property management improvements allow us to push value and cash flow aggressively.  Our experience (something you have to earn) has given MBP the ability to find and buy the best deals with the most potential.  Please click the below links to review just a few of our recent Case Studies.  These show proof of our ability and consistency in accomplishing what we say we can for our investors.   

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